Mount Roraima Trekking Tour

Roraima Trek

The Mount Roraima Trekking Tour is one of the most popular treks of Venezuela. The table mountains belong to the oldest rock formation in the world. Most of the vegetation you find there, grows only at the table mountains. Bizarre stone formations, barren rock landscape and unique plants shape the landscape. This tour brings us up to the Roraima. On the top we make a day excursion and visit the valley of crystals and the eastern wall.


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Day 1. Santa Elena - Rio Kukenan
For the Mount Roraima trekking we leave Santa Elena at 9:00 AM in a 4x4 vehicle and ride 1,5 hours to reach Paraitepuy, an Indian settlement. From there we will start walking towards Mount Roraima, heading to the River Kukenan 12 km (7.4 miles) away, about 4 hours walk across gentle hills and savanna, and the crossing of small creeks and two rivers, the Rio Tek, and a bit further Rio Kukenan where we will establish the campsite at the river. The overnight is in 2 men tents. ( - / L / D )

Day 2. Rio Kukenan - Base Camp
Just after breakfast a 4 hours uphill walk starts. According to the season we might hike across complete fields with hundreds of orchids and Utrucularias Humbolti, before we reach the base camp with running water coming from the top of the Roraima tepuy. Overnight in tents. ( B / L / D )

Day 3. Base Camp - Top of Mount Roraima
On this day it will take us about 2 hours to cross a thick and beautiful jungle with many neotropical plants such as bromeliads, tree ferns and helicons. And another 2 hours of ascent along the ramp on big rocks to reach the top of the Roraima plateau with lots of amazing views over the Gran Sabana. There will be still time in the afternoon for an exploration stroll on this island in time. Overnight in tents under rock shelters.( B / L / D )

Day 4. Exploring Top of Mount Roraima
We have this whole day to explore the plateau of Roraima with his strange formed, black rocks, carniverous endemic plants and funny small black frogs. On the way through mist and labyrinth of black rocks, you will see the valley of the crystals, the eastern wall of Mount Roraima, Matawi Tepuy and the rain forest of Guyana. If you like you can enjoy a bath in an ice cold natural jakuzi. The triple point, where the frontiers of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela meet is approximately 4 hours away. Overnight is at the same place we slept the night before. ( B / L / D )

Day 5. Top of Mount Roraima - Rio Tek
Time for some last photographs and then we start hiking down first 3 hours to Base Camp and 2 hours to warmer areas at Rio Tek where we will have our last camp site and a refreshing bath in the river. ( B / L / D )

Day 6. Rio Tek - Santa Elena
Leaving the River Tek campsite about 9:00 AM we reach Parai-tepuy 4 hours later where we will have our last lunch and cold drinks. Then boarding our 4x4 to return to Santa Elena where we arrive at about 15:00 PM. ( B / L / - )

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